Sunday, August 21, 2011

What I have been reading of late....

Jan  20011
The Teaberry Strangler  By  Laura Childs
Confessions Of  Adrian Mole  By  Sue  Townsend
Fire and  Brimstone  By  Laura  Childs
Mini  Shopaholic  By Sophie Kinsella

Feb 2011
The 9th Judgement  By  James  Patterson
The  Postcard  Killers By  James  Patterson

March 20011
Don't  Blink By  James  Patterson
Sprinkle With  Murder By Jenn  Mckinley
Buttercream Bump Off  By  Jenn  Mckinley
Abused- A  Daughter's Story  By L.L. Barrlett

April 2011
Gingerbread Cookie  Murder  By Joanne  Fluke
Devil's Foodcake  Murder By  Joanne  Fluke
Glazed  Murder  By Jessica  Beck

May  2011
Sinister  Sprinkles By  Jessica  Beck
Scones   and  Bones  By  Laura   Childs
Crunch  Time  By  Diane  Mott  Davidson

June  2011
10th  Anniversary  By  James  Patterson
Bedevilled  Eggs  By  Laura   Childs
Skein  Of The  Crime  By  Maggie  Sefton
Unraveled  By Maggie  Sefton

July 2011
Sentenced To Death  By  Lorna  Barrett
Smokin Seventeen  By  Janet  Evanivoch
A  Crafty  Killing  By   Lorraine   Bartlett

August  2011
Evil  Eclairs  By  Jessica  Beck

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