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Across The Barricades

I had to read this book when I was in High School, and I remember I loved it, I recently found out there are other books in this series, I always thought it was just the one book, so I have my local library searching for copies of the rest of the books in this series, for now I am reading Across The Barricades again, the funny thing is my husband said he also read this book when he was in High School!

About Joan Lingard
Joan Lingard was born in Edinburgh but grew up in Belfast where she lived until she was 18. She is the internationally renowned author of several novels. Joan Lingard has 3 grown up daughters and now lives permanently in Edinburgh with her Canadian husband.

by Joan Lingard

(This is the second book of the trilogy “Across the barricades”)


This story is about two young people living in Belfast. The girl, Sadie, is a Protestant and the boy, Kevin, is a Catholic. They have been friends for years.

At the beginning of the story they have just met again. Even through they know that their relationship is dangerous, because there are a lot of conflicts between Catholics and Protestants, they decide to stay together. Their parents don’t support the relationship, so

Kevin and Sadie tell lies to their families and meet secretly. The situation is becoming more dangerous than even; the fights between Catholics and Protestants are more and more violent: Pubs are in flames, insults are written on the walls and the Two Sides fight each other to death.

Mr Blake is an old Protestant widower, who lives outside the city in a big house, alone with his dog. He is a friend of Sadie’s. Sadie trusts him and tells him about all her problems with Kevin. Even though Mr Blake is a Protestant and knows Sadie’s family very well, he’s for

peace. And so he agrees to help them. He gives them the opportunity to see each other in his house. Sadie decides to leave her job, because many people criticize her for going out with a Catholic boy. Sadie and Kevin often meet at Mr Blake’s house. One day Mr Blake

invites them to a trip to the country in his car. Suddenly the wheels of Mr Blake’s car come loose and they have an accident. Mr Blake is injured and has to be taken to hospital.

Sadie and Kevin want to know who is the responsible. They have many suspicions but no proof. Kevin realizes that it may be him who is the cause of their problems. Before the accident he fell out with his old Catholic friend, because he didn’t want to fight against

Protestants. The troubles are going on; more and more people are victims of this religions conflict.

At the end of this tragic story Mr Blake dies. A killer throws a bomb into his house. Kevin feels depressed and guilty, so he decides to leave the city for another place to live. Sadie follows him secretly… On the ferry to England they find each other again.

Across the Barricades
(A book in the Kevin And Sadie series)
A novel by
Joan Lingard
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Joan Lingard

Kevin is Catholic. Sadie is Protestant. In Belfast they are supposed to be enemies - so what chance do they have when they fall in love? BLNew, innovative activities specifically tailored to support the KS3 Framework for Teaching English and help students to fulfil the Framework objectives. Activities include work on Speaking and Listening, close text analysis, and the structure of playscripts, and act as a springboard for personal writing

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