Sunday, February 22, 2009

Enid Blyton

As a child I loved books by Enid Blyton, I have recently started collecting any I can find online and in secondhand book stores, my collection is getting pretty big.
I also have an Enid Blyton Yahoo group if anyone else was a fan of this Author @ Enid Blyton Books Yahoo Group
The other day at the Library I heard a lady asking if the library had any Secret Seven Books By Enid Blyton and the reply she got shocked me!.. She was told that that Author is Racist and we do not carry her books,... so of course I had to ask WHY?? And I was told she mentions Gollywogs in her books.... now I ask you making i comments about a childs TOY(That is what a Gollywog is) is not racist??? Yes I know the term Gollywog can be taken as racist, but that does depend on the way the word is used, there are many books that use words that are truly racist and I know the library still carries those authors books.. I am a little ticked off with the comment about Enid Blyon and it upsets me that people can not see past how a word is actually used and them judge all the authors work as racist.. It is sad to think this sort of thing is still happening in todays world.


Anonymous said...

Deb, Unfortunately its still happening with EB books and the narrow mindedness of some people .. but that is their loss!!!! Don't forget to mention your no.1 bookseller on ebay for your EB Books.. although we trade under the name DVCRS now..

Maybe you will pop in for a visit sometime... I won't be able to get to Canada now for a longtime having to use my savings for mums funeral last May 08.. but i suppose that is life.. You can contact me direct on
take care


Ps found anew range of Old-Fashioned sweets that include "Sherbet Lemons"!!!!

roseygirl said...

Thanks for stopping by Peter, I am still shocked about the Enid Blyton comment at the library, I grew up on these books they were part of my childhood, I love them dearly, it is so sad to think others feel this way about her as n Author.
I may have to get some of thoe sweets :)

Anonymous said...

I remember reading The Secret Seven and also The Famous Five Books but al many other Enid Blyton books, I use to love the series about Elizabeth the naughtiest girl in the school