Sunday, February 22, 2009

Some of my Fave Authors......

James Patterson
Janet Evanovich
Diane Mott Davidson
Monica Ferris
Sue Townsend
Judith Krantz
Joanne Fluke
Debbie Macomber
Anne Rule
Lorna Barrett
Laura Childs
Betty Hechtman
Terri Thayer
Helen Fielding
J.K. Rowling
Sophie Kinsella
These are just a few, I will add more as I have time, and as I discover new Authors I enjoy reading . :)
I have actually added a Fave Author list on the side bar of the blog but will keep this post so my friends can also post who they like to read, I hopefully will remember to add new Authors as I come across more that I like to read, there are so many new wonderful Authors out there right now.

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