Sunday, February 22, 2009

OMG! Check this out

writer Deborah Sharp Interview

This is not me by the way, but I think it is cool to find a writer out there already published with my name and spelt the same way ! Considering I was at a class yesterday about learning to write your own story.. and I have another class on Wed night about publishing your book.. My plan is to write my own story and also do a childrens book... not so much to be published...But for myself , to get some closure to the Sexual Abuse I dealt with as a child... as for the childrens books I just want to do them as I have always written and told my own stories to the children I look after so putting them in a book one day is something I would like to do, I don't think I would go the route to get a agent I think I would do self publish.. But hey ya never know maybe someone will see them and tell me how GREAT they are! LOL!

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